New Release: Proposal Development Templates for Use in Evernote!

If you've been searching for an easy way to develop and manage your grant proposals, you might benefit from our new Evernote-based proposal development templates.

We've created 19 templates to help you gather information, manage teams, run meetings, track tasks, and develop the proposal's content. The templates are comprehensive, scalable, and fully customizable.

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6 Strategies to Make the Grant Proposal Submission Process Less Stressful

In earlier posts, we reviewed creating a proposal calendar, organizing the drafts, and managing the proposal development process. Now it's time to submit the proposal. The last week of the proposal process can be hectic. Below are six tips to make the final days of the proposal process less stressful and set yourself up for even greater success (and less stress) for the next proposal.

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The 6-Week Proposal Process

For many funding opportunities, particularly Request for Applications (RFAs) released by government agencies, you’ll have roughly six weeks to prepare and submit your response. With this six-week period in mind, you can create a proposal development plan that consists of a general timeline of draft due dates and review periods. Once you have a general outline for 6-week proposal process in place, you can then adjust it as needed for opportunities that have shorter or longer time horizons.

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