Prospect Research 101


This 16-page booklet consists of posts on prospect research from the Peak Proposals blog. To make it easier to read through the series, the posts have been combined into a single package. Prospect research involves researching potential funders. The funders could be individual donors, private foundations, or government agencies. The information in this booklet focuses on the prospect research process for identifying funding opportunities from foundations.

The posts cover:

  • What information to collect before you start your prospect research.
  • How to conduct the research and track your results.
  • A process for summarizing an opportunity so you can evaluate it for fit.
  • What a go/no-go meeting is and how it works.

Proposal Management 101


The contents of this booklet first appeared on the Peak Proposals blog as a series of posts on proposal management. To make it easier to read through the series, the posts have been collected and organized as an eBook for instant download.

Proposal management is an inclusive term that covers the full range of steps required to produce a grant proposal. The tips in this booklet apply to grant proposals for submission to foundations and government agencies.

Inside, you'll find 24 pages of guidance on several aspects of the proposal management process, including how to:

  • Create a proposal calendar
  • Assemble a proposal binder
  • Organize a proposal team
  • Structure your proposal using templates
  • Manage the proposal writing and revision process
  • Collect and define abbreviations and terms of art
  • Package and submit the final draft


Finding Funding

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Identifying potential funders for your organization or project can be a daunting task, especially if you don't know where to begin or what resources exist. In the eBook "How to Find Funding Opportunities," you'll find an introduction to some of the resources and practices professional grant writers use to research potential funders and uncover funding opportunities. The eBook covers tools you can use to research opportunities released by US government agencies and private foundations.