Free Training on the Basics of Grant Development

Our new course, Getting Started: The Basics of Finding Finding & Applying for Grants can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace—and it’s totally free!

The course covers similar content to our blog, but it’s in a different format to make it easier to review. However, to help you become familiar with the many resources on our website, we’ve made sure to link relevant content from our website to the course content.


The course consists of three modules. Each module contains 5–6 sections for a total of 17 lessons. Each lesson contains an assignment to help you apply the lessons learned.

  1. Part I: Finding Potential Funders

    1. Evaluate Your Organization

    2. Evaluate Your Funding

    3. Assess Other Organizations

    4. Research Funders

    5. Create a Tracking System

    6. Plan Your Grant Strategy

  2. Part 2: Writing Your Grant Proposal

    1. Review the Solicitation

    2. Assemble Your Team

    3. Draft an Outline

    4. Create a Proposal Schedule

    5. Write, Review, and Repeat!

    6. Arrange for Editing

  3. Part 3: Submitting Your Proposal

    1. Create a Submission Checklist

    2. Prepare Email Templates

    3. Final Proposal Review

    4. Submit the Proposal

    5. Archive the Proposal