Proposal Development Templates for Use in Evernote

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Proposal Development Templates for Use in Evernote


Have you been searching for an inexpensive digital tool to manage your grant proposals? Our Evernote-based proposal development templates may be just what you’ve been looking for!

What You’ll Get

We’ve created 19 templates (each template is a “note” in Evernote terminology) to organize the proposal process from beginning to end.

After you complete your purchase, you’ll receive a PDF with a link to the templates, which are accessed through a shared Evernote notebook. You’ll also receive detailed instructions covering how to copy and customize the notes from within Evernote.

For a simple proposal, you might use a handful of the templates. For more complex proposals, such as a proposal to a federal agency, you might use all of them. The system is scaleable and adaptable to your needs. All of the templates are fully customizable.

If you’re new to grant writing or proposal management, the templates will help you to identify and collect the information you need to move from Point A (identifying an opportunity) all the way to Point B (submitting a proposal). Through the power of Evernote, the templates can easily be shared with others, turned into PDFs, or printed.

Template List

  1. Solicitation Information (Solicitation summary worksheet)

  2. Go/No-Go Meeting (meeting agenda and opportunity evaluation worksheet)

  3. Mobilization Meeting (sample agenda)

  4. Proposal Team List (contact information and assignments)

  5. Proposal Calendar (editable calendar to track due dates and milestones)

  6. Proposal Outline Worksheet (assign page limits, note section leads, provide directions to writers)

  7. Compliance Matrix (worksheet to note requirements from the solicitation)

  8. Daily Check-In Meeting (sample agenda for team meetings)

  9. Proposal Task Tracker (a worksheet to list tasks and the status of action items)

  10. Partner Tracker (contact and assignment trackers for parter organizations)

  11. Formatting Requirements (template to summarize formatting requirements per the solicitation)

  12. Style Guide (template for summarizing your organization’s style preferences)

  13. Abbreviation Table (a template to capture acronyms and abbreviations)

  14. Proposal Review Team List (contact information and assignments)

  15. Proposal Response Tracker (a template that captures where in your proposal draft you have addressed each of the requirements in the solicitation)

  16. Proposal Cover Page (template includes space to note required language and any planned graphics for the proposal’s cover page)

  17. Proposal Production Checklist (a checklist of everything you should review before submitting the proposal)

  18. Submission Checklist (includes three checklists, one each for email submission, online portal submission, and hard copy submission)

  19. Post-Submission Checklist (list of tasks to complete after a proposal has been submitted)

For more information on the benefits of using Evernote and to download a sample template, please see the details below.

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Why Evernote?

Evernote is an excellent proposal management tool. Here are a few of the reasons why we like it:

  • Customization: A template in Evernote is easy to customize. If you are familiar with Word or Google Docs, you’ll feel right at home making edits to the tables and checklists so the templates work best for you.

  • Collaboration: With Evernote, you can share individual notes or entire notebook via email or through a link. To protect your work, you can set the permission level on both notes and notebooks to read-only access. In the case of our templates, you might give your colleagues editing privileges for the task trackers, which will allow everyone to enter updates, but limit the proposal calendar to read-only access so only you can make edits. If you prefer to share the notes as PDFs, Evernote gives you the option to convert and print notes as PDFs.

  • Timeliness: Evernote updates are instantaneous, which is ideal for project and proposal management. If someone completes a task and marks it as done, the whole team will have access to this information in real time.

  • Mobility: With Evernote, you can access your notes and notebooks from wherever you are—on your mobile device, your computer, or from your browser. 

  • Flexibility: Evernote gives you control over your notes and notebooks. From sharing to customizing to archiving, Evernote makes it easy to test out a system and adapt it to meet your needs. 

If You Use OneNote

If you prefer to work in OneNote, you can move the templates from Evernote to OneNote. You can find directions for transferring files from Evernote to OneNote on Microsoft’s website:

Sample Template

If you would like a preview of what you'll receive, you can download a PDF version of our Go/No-Go Template. The Go/No-Go template can be printed and filled in by hand, or you can add text using Adobe Pro. If you purchase the templates, from within Evernote, you’ll be able to enter information directly into the tables and customize all of the fields.