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About Us

What We Offer

Peak Proposals LLC has the goal of helping grant writers and staff at nonprofit organizations build their skills in the areas of identifying potential funders, managing the proposal process, and writing competitive proposals.

Through our website and affiliated social media venues we provide:

  • Resources to discover funding opportunities;

  • Tips and tools to help manage the proposal process;

  • Professional development information for grant writers; and

  • Courses and eBooks in the areas of prospect research, grant writing, and proposal management.

The majority of our content is free to access and download. For paid content, we offer a selection of affordable resources including eBooks, templates, and courses. You can purchase eBooks and templates through our online shop, The Organized Grant Writer. To explore our courses, please visit our course site.


Behind Peak Proposals is more than 15 years of experience in grant writing and proposal management for community-based nonprofits, international non-governmental organizations, and universities. Among our qualifications, we have certificates in business development and proposal management from Shipley Associates and from the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP). 

Discovering relevant funding opportunities, organizing application materials, and managing the writing and submission process can be overwhelming. For many nonprofits, paying for a consultant or a grant writing course is not an option. Through sharing affordable, easy-to-implement tools and approaches, Peak Proposals strives to help organizations of all sizes and budgets master the skills of grant writing and proposal management so they can fund the important work they are doing to improve lives and communities.

Where You Can Find Us

In addition to the Peak Proposals website, you can find us on Facebook and Pinterest

We frequently receive requests for funding and invitations to collaborate. Please note that Peak Proposals does not provide funding. We provide informational resources to help individuals build skills related to grant writing and management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer consulting services?

We are not offering consulting services at this time. Our current focus is developing Web-based resources and working with our existing, long-term clients.

I am interested in your digital products at The Organized Grant Writer,  but I’m not sure if they will fit my needs. How can I tell if your eBooks are right for me?

We offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee on all of our paid materials so you can purchase an item without risk. You can also sample our materials through the many free resources on our site.

I have been working as a grant writer for many years. Is Peak Proposals a resource for me or is it primarily a resource for small organizations and those new to grant writing?

The resources by Peak Proposals can help organizations and individuals at all levels of experience to manage the proposal process. If you’ve written a number of grant proposals, you may find the resource section, which has links to professional associations and funding agencies, to be the most useful section of the site. If you are new to grant proposal writing, check out our blog posts for tips on how to find funders and organize the proposal process.

I need help writing grant proposals and finding potential funders for my organization. Can you help?

See response to the first question. We get asked this question a lot. Unfortunately, we don't have the resources to volunteer our time to help with grant writing and donor research requests. Our primary goal is to give you the tools and knowledge so you can tackle proposal-writing tasks successfully on your own.

My organization needs funding. Does Peak Proposals provide funding?

No, we do not provide funding or partner with organizations. Peak Proposals provides informational resources on how to find funding, write proposals, and manage the proposal process.

I have a question about something on your website. How can I contact you?

You can reach Peak Proposals at Our mailing address can be found on this page (see left-hand column). You can also send us a message through our contact page.